What if We Never Looked at Clocks?

by alyssacogswell

What if never, not at one single time in the day, did we look at clocks? What if the thought of “time” never crossed our minds, never made us hurry? Would we be more content in the present? Would our minds constantly be busy, thinking about to do lists? Or would we be more apt to sit and think. Would we know what we had to do, but simply do it when we got to it?

What if we just lived contented, right in the precise moment we are. We are. Think about that. We are. Full stop. Sentence completed. The only time we truly have is this moment, right now. The breath in, breath out. And we go again; in, out. We had another moment. Was it a good one? Did you make the right decisions? Did you make the most of that moment, that breath?

The thing about breath is that it unites us. Argon, an element in the atmosphere, is not used for our bodily processes, so we breathe it in and breathe it right back out. The same air we breathe today has particles which the past has been breathed; breathed by Gandhi, George Washington, Muhammad, Jesus Christ, Plato, Socrates, the first humans. We are all connected in this one breath. And when I think and realize how many people have breathed this same breath before me, I freeze.

God is I AM. That is all; His name needs no more clarification than He is present. He is timeless, because He is always I AM, not I WAS or I MAY BE. But His character has been defined as one ageless, unchanging entity. And time, these moments, these breaths, are small glimpses of God, to show that He is always with us in the time. This concept is so large, that I cannot even grasp the minute part I wish too. But I do realize that even in this gift, God is physical. God gives us the physical particles of the air to be the same ones his Son breathed while on Earth, while being with us for a time. And in this, also encapsulates one of His other names: Immanuel, God with us.

What more could we need to show that God is always with us. He is with us because He is outside of time. He is with us as His names claim. He is even with us in the air we breathe.